PASQUALE BRUNI tricolor Ama flower ring


Ring in 18 karat rose, white and yellow gold with 0.58 carat diamonds.

The Ama Collection matches perfectly with the other collections by Pasquale Bruni, inspired by the beauty of nature.

This ring comes beautifully packaged in its Pasquale Bruni presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

Bonebakker is the official Pasquale Bruni dealer in the Netherlands and we can provide the entire Pasquale Bruni collection; please contact us for any jewel in your desired size.

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Pasquale Bruni Ama Flower Ring in 18k Rose, White and Yellow Gold with white and champagne diamonds

Love is a great source of inspiration for Eugenia Bruni, creative director of the Italian brand Pasquale Bruni. The Pasquale Bruni Ama Flower Ring in 18k Rose, White and Yellow Gold with white and champagne diamonds is, in the eyes of the designer, nothing more or less than a shiny version of love in which the ode of the modern, quirky woman is central. Is there a better reason to want to wear this three-coloured Flower Ring?

Designs with ‘love’ as a muse

Eugenia Bruni, daughter of the iconic Pasquale Bruni, has known the family business literally from an early age. She grew up in the world of creativity, luxury jewellery and the smell and sound of goldsmiths where master goldsmiths ‘make love visual out of precious metals and gemstones’. Since following in her father’s footsteps in 2001, she has given the brand a more feminine touch and added colour to its collections. Her designs express freedom and love for life. Feminine allure in its most charming form!

Floral splendour in three colours of gold

Whether you choose them for yourself or receive them from a loved one, Pasquale Bruni jewels are dynamic jewellery. Designed to reveal a part of yourself that doesn’t want to stay hidden. What you can do with dedication with this Pasquale Bruni Flower ring in 18k Rose, White and Yellow Gold with white and champagne diamonds. Diamonds are an important part of Pasquale Bruni’s collections. This ring, in three colours of gold, perfectly combines the shine of rose gold, white gold and yellow gold with the white and champagne-coloured gemstones. The pavé set stones provide a fantastic shine.

Wear it with flair, very personal or both…

The ring consists of a garland of flowers that form a whole as shiny elements. A technique that can only be realized by the most experienced goldsmiths. The design of the flower ring embodies the pleasure of wearing handmade Italian jewellery. Whether you do this with flair or as your personal symbol of love.

Experience Pasquale Bruni at Bonebakker jeweler

The own history of Bonebakker Jewelers dates back to 1792. We are very proud of our status as the Netherlands’ oldest and most respected jewellery house. In addition to cherishing our own history and workshop for exclusive jewellery, world-famous brands including Pasquale Bruni are also part of our collection. As an official dealer of Pasquale Bruni jewellery for Amsterdam, in addition to this tricolor Ama Flower Ring in 18k Rose, White and Yellow Gold with white and champagne diamonds, you can find an extensive collection of Pasquale Bruni jewellery at the Bonebakker’s Jewellery store. You are very welcome in our boutique, located within the luxurious atmosphere of the Conservatorium Hotel.