Pasquale Bruni bon ton flower necklace white agate and diamonds


Petit Joli necklace in 18k rose gold with white agate, white and champagne diamonds.

Petit Joli is a floral dream on your skin.

The necklace comes complete with a Pasquale Bruni presentation box and original certificate of authenticity.

Bonebakker is the official Pasquale Bruni dealer in the Netherlands and we can provide the entire Pasquale Bruni collection; please contact us for any jewel in your desired size.

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Pink gold flower necklace white agate and diamond made by PASQUALE BRUNI

Wear timeless beauty and refined elegance, which is reflected in this 18-carat pink gold flower necklace white agate and diamonds by Pasquale Bruni, a masterpiece that belongs to the beloved PASQUALE BRUNI Petit Joli collection. This bold yet elegant collection is specially designed for women who want to embody and express their unique femininity and personality through the intrinsic beauty of flowers. It is one of Bonebakker Jeweler’s key collections.

Flower necklaces full of playfulness and elegance 

The Petit Joli collection, a celebration of natural splendour, is inspired by the graceful flowers that adorn the world in an inexhaustible variety of colours and shapes. It’s all about playful creations with different colours of gemstones that are great to combine in this delicate collection. The main theme in the designs is ‘flowers’. A theme that simultaneously reflects delicacy, strength and beauty. Each jewel is designed to not only accentuate femininity but also celebrate the love of life itself.

The sophistication of agate with diamond, captured in a pink gold flower necklace 

Pasquale Bruni’s 18-carat rose gold white agate and diamond necklace is an ultimate example of refined craftsmanship and artistic vision. The pendant, anchored to a refined rose gold chain, exudes a timeless charm. The heart of the necklace is formed by a beautiful white agate, whose soft shine creates a perfect harmony with the warm glow of 18-carat rose gold. As with all Pasquale Bruni jewels, you can mix and match this necklace and its pendant with all of the other items from this collection.

A symbol of love

Subtly processed diamonds accentuate the agate, like sparkling dewdrops on delicate petals. The result is a radiance of light. This refined detail in the design reflects attention to detail and love. An important emotion within Pasquale Bruni’s designs, and one which can be found in every creation. Let Pasquale Bruni’s 18-carat rose gold white agate and diamond necklace accompany you as a reminder of the love of life and beauty found in every moment. Next to this white agate version, this pink gold flower necklace is available in many more beautiful gemstone colours.

Find your favourite PASQUALE BRUNI jewellery at Bonebakker Amsterdam

Bonebakker Jewelers are the official representatives of Pasquale Bruni’s collections for Amsterdam and the Netherlands. In total, we carry three collections: The Bon Ton collection in which flowers consisting of five petals are central, the Petit Joli collection with colourful floral motifs and the Ama collection with beautiful flower rings, flower earrings and flower necklaces in gold with diamond. Each is available in many versions and can be perfectly mixed and matched. You are very welcome in our boutique, to experience the collection. You can find our jewellery store in the luxurious atmosphere of the Conservatorium Hotel.