PASQUALE BRUNI Moonstone Necklace Bouquet Lunaire Rosegold


Pasquale Bruni Moonstone necklace Bouquet Lunaire Sautoir

The Bouquet Lunaire Sautoir is an exquisite moonstone necklace made from 18k Rose Gold and adorned with Grey, White, Pink Moonstone, and White Diamonds. It is a refined and intricate extension of the Petit Joli collection, featuring the iconic white moonstone known as adularia.

This collection is a celebration of emotions and feminine beauty, with the moonstone being the focal point, symbolizing ultimate femininity. The craftsmanship of Pasquale Bruni shines through both in the design of the jewelry and the careful selection of the moonstones, ensuring each piece is of the highest quality.

Length 101.5 cm
18k Rose Gold
White Diamonds: 3 stones, 0.04 ct.
Grey Moonstone, White Moonstone, Pink Moonstone: Flowers Size 12 mm

* Pasquale Bruni jewels are handmade in Italy with artisanal techniques and each creation is truly unique. For this reason, carats and gold weight can slightly vary.

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The Moonstone holds significant meaning, representing emotions, empowering women, and radiating a sense of serenity and balance. The Bouquet Lunaire Sautoir exemplifies the artistry and attention to detail that Pasquale Bruni brings to every creation.