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PESAVENTO Polvere black silver ring

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Pesavento black polvere sterling silver ring

A slightly asymmetrical gold-plated ring with black dream dust that will make you shine throughout your day. Try it on in our store, or order your Pesavento Polvere ring online.

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Pesavento Sterling silver ring pink gold plated with black Polvere

Pesavento created the Polvere di Sogni collection for women who want to shine. In this collection, the jewellery tells its own story thanks to thousands of sparkles. The sparkle, in addition to polished pink gold with a silver core, consists of micro-particles. These are obtained by nanotechnological processing of various natural stones. The intensity of the colors depends on the properties of the materials required for the design. For this Pesavento  sterling silver gold plated black polvere ring, among other stones, charcoal was used as the ‘stardust’.

The Pesavento Polvere di Sogni collection

Pesavento wants to create evolved jewels that seduce. Polvere di Sogni means ‘dreams of dust’. And that’s exactly what this Pesavento ring in Sterling silver does. The pink gold plating with black polvere glitters like the stars above. The collection consists of jewellery in which glittering powder creates a dreamlike play of light. Pesavento launched the ‘Polvere di Sogni’ collection for the first time in 2011.

Pesavento Jeweller Amsterdam

Are you enchanted by this Pesavento ring, or one of the other attractive pieces of jewellery with Italian charm from this brand? Pesavento jewellery can be viewed and tried on in Amsterdam at Bonebakker Amsterdam. Are you in for a date with Pesavento? You are cordially invited to meet the finest jewellery from the Pesavento collection at Bonebakker jewellery Amsterdam. Our jewelry store is located at the Conservatorium Hotel.