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PESAVENTO double hoop earrings black polvere

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‘Polveri di Sogni’ is Italian for: ‘dreams of dust’. The heart of the collection Polvere di Sogni is made of Silver 925, pink gold plated and coated and with reflective micro-particles. Depending on the materials used, ‘the dreams of dust’ sparkle in a wide variety of colors.

The Pesavento double hoop earrings in Sterling silver with pink gold plating and black polvere di sogni, are to fall in love with. The deep shine and color of the ‘dust’ is partly due to coal.

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Pesavento hoop earrings in Sterling silver pink gold plated black polvere

Pesavento understands the art of recreating the attractive charm of recognisable Italian jewellery design. The brand does this in all its collections, but in the Polvere di Sogni in a very special way. In this collection, the jewellery tells its own story thanks to thousands of sparkles. The sparkle, in addition to polished pink gold with a silver core, consists of micro-particles. These are obtained by nanotechnological processing of various natural stones. Which colors and the intensity of the colors depend on the properties of the materials required for the design. For these Pesavento double hoop sterling silver gold plated black polvere earrings, among other stones, charcoal was used as the ‘stardust’.

The Pesavento Polvere di Sogni collection

Pesavento wants to create refined, evolved jewels that excite and seduce. Polvere di Sogni means ‘dreams of dust’. And that’s exactly what these Pesavento double hoops in Sterling silver do. The pink gold plating with black polvere are glittering dreams. The collection consists of jewellery in which glittering powder creates a dreamlike play of light. Pesavento launched the ‘Polvere di Sogni’ collection for the first time in 2011. Key technology for the collection is nanotechnology, which made the ‘dream dust’ possible.

The sensuality of Pesavento hoop earrings

Don’t we all admire the elegance and flair of Italian women? Pesavento reflects this charm with shiny, modern designs. For more than 20 years, Pesavento has been an example of Italian design where emotion, sensuality, femininity, and modernity harmonise in every detail. Every piece of Pesavento jewellery is an ode to all-powerful women who make every day a distinct day. The brand designs jewellery for today’s women, who can wear their jewellery to the office during the day, but equally well on a night out. Wear the charm of Pesavento, for example with these Pesavento earrings double hoop in Sterling silver, pink gold plated, and provided with black polvere.

Pesavento Jeweller Amsterdam

Are you enchanted by the Pesavento double hoops, or one of the other attractive pieces of jewellery with Italian charm from this brand? Pesavento jewellery can be viewed and tried on in Amsterdam at Bonebakker Amsterdam. Are you in for a date with Pesavento? You are cordially invited to meet the finest jewellery from the Pesavento collection at Bonebakker jewellery Amsterdam. Our jewelry store is located at the Conservatorium Hotel.