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PESAVENTO silver multiband ring polvere nero

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A silver multiband ring from the Pesavento Polvere Nero collection.

The name of this Pesavento family translates as: ‘Dust of Dreams’. And that is exactly what is shown in this Pesavento Polvere Nero multi-band ring.

This ring by Pesavento is made of rose gold rhodium-plated sterling silver combined with polished black ceramics. They create a sea of shimmering reflections. This modern ring is made to become a classic.

Moreover, it has the special spring system on the inside of the band, which makes it easily adjustable to all sizes.

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PESAVENTO Polvere Nero multi ring band

“Making jewellery means entering a world of beauty, art and harmony.” Based on this philosophy, the Italian duo Marino Pesavento and Chiara Carli started the Pesavento brand in 1992. The brand based in Vicenza is famous for its ‘Made in Italy’ creations. Which, in the case of Pesavento, means: jewellery of high quality with class and flair. With their designs, the brand conquered a whole new area: the area between innovative luxury fashion jewellery and the appeal of classic jewellery. As shown in the Pesavento polvere nero multiband ring, which has the easy adjustment spring on the inside, which comes with all Pesavento rings.

Pesavento Polvere Nero rings; born of creativity and innovation

A Pesavento jewel is never an expression of prescribed elegance, but a sign of individuality. The brand is a master in creating timeless jewellery with both classic and innovative features. Designers and goldsmiths are looking for innovation, but at the same time, they keep traditions alive. The black sparkle of this Pesavento Polvere Nero multi-ring band, as well as all other jewellery in the series, owes its shining beauty not only to the time-honoured craftsmanship of Italian master jewellers but also to nanotechnology.

Jewellery with a heart of silver

Like many other Pesavento jewellery pieces, the Pesavento Polvere Nero ring also has a core of Sterling silver. Silver has been used to design exclusive jewellery since the label’s inception. The designers love silver because the material can look both cool and warm and thus always offers many variation possibilities. The different collections are therefore very different from each other. Overall, the designs are more striking than discreet, but in any case addictively attractive. Give in to the craving, because even Pesavento jewellery coming from different collections can be beautifully combined.

Pesavento collection Amsterdam

Imaginative and full of beautiful details, Pesavento silver and gold jewellery shows great craftsmanship. In love with the style of Pesavento? In addition to this graceful Pesavento Polvere Nero ring, Bonebakker jewellers have an extensive collection of Pesavento jewellery that you can admire and try on at our premises. We are located in the Conservatorium Hotel.