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PESAVENTO crossed band silver ring

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Jewellery from the Pesavento Polverde di Sogni collection has a beautiful powder, enhancing the silver forms with a magical play of light. The Polvere di Sogni collection was launched in 2011. It reinvented itself with new colours and applications in the years that followed.

The silver core of this PESAVENTO crossed band ring, is gilded with gold which is partially covered with the special material ‘Powder of Dreams’. This powder consists of fine particles of natural minerals. The material is polished in a hexagonal fashion for a special shine. Depending on the material, the powder is available in different colours.

This ring has the easy adjustment spring on the inside, which comes with all Pesavento rings.

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PESAVENTO polvere black crossed band silver ring

Pesavento is Italian ‘Dolce Vita’ expressed in fashionable jewellery. This Pesavento crossed band ring is a modern piece of jewellery with a highly polished gold ring band, and one set with fine ceramic particles. These particles have a hexagonal shape, catching the light with every movement and giving it back in a sparkling dance. The ring bands have a core of silver, one of the many distinctive features of Pesavento jewellery. Moreover, it has the special spring system on the inside of the band, which makes it easily adjustable to all sizes.

Modern Pesavento crossed band ring

Pesavento uses classic silhouettes and gives them a twist all of their own. The result is modern jewellery with the potential to become the new classics. Not in the least thanks to the passion and great craftsmanship that can be found in every piece of jewellery. This Pesavento crossed band ring, decorated with ‘Stardust’, is a desirable example of Pesavento’s Italian jewellery tradition with a contemporary twist.

Jewellery born from a dream

Pesavento owner Chiara Carli found inspiration for the Polvere di Sogni collection in the novel ‘Stardust’ by Neil Gaiman. When the main character of the story is on a roof and sees falling stars, he makes a wish. From this scene the inspiration was born to create a collection that would translate the dream into a jewel.

The collection is a tribute to nature and the universe. The challenge was to find an artisanal and technological solution to create the “stardust” that would be good enough to represent the world of luxury and brilliance that the brand stands for. Nanotechnology brought the answer. Perfect hexagons are cut from products such as ceramics to give the material the shine that Chiara Carli envisions.

Emphasise your personality with Pesavento

Pesavento has endeared itself all over the world as a brand for distinctive quality and innovative Italian jewellery design. Like the Pesavento crossed band silver  ring, each piece of the brand’s jewellery has a core of 925 sterling silver and is entirely made by hand in Vicenza, Italy. For years, this city has been the beating heart of the Italian jewellery world. Pesavento’s jewellery reflects both the craftsmanship of experienced gold and silver smiths and the modern technologies that make the brand so distinctive.

Great Pesavento collection at Bonebakker Amsterdam

Head over heels with the modern style of Pesavento rings? Bonebakker jewellers have an extensive collection of Pesavento jewellery to choose from, in addition to this graceful Pesavento crossed band ring. For a sparkling impression of Pesavento jewellery, you are most welcome at Bonebakker Amsterdam. We are located in the beautiful Conservatorium Hotel.