ALESSANDRA DONA mono pearl earring yellow gold


Alessandra Dona pearl mono earring in 18K Yellow Gold

This one-of-a-kind earring is worn in one ear, with the other left bare, or with a stud.
This delicate pearl mono-earring consists of a 18 kt gold chain with a ball of gold on the one end, and a white South Sea pearl on the other. The string is pulled through the earlobe, creating airiness and a dangling effect. The White South Sea Pearl has a diameter of 10-11mm, and was hand-selected by Alessandra Dona.

Alessandra Dona is world-renowned for her trendy and contemporary pearl jewelry designs. Dona was born and raised in Italy, hence her love for jewellery and her impeccable sense of style.

This mono pearl earring is sold as a single piece.

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Alessandra Dona mono pearl earring in 18K Yellow Gold

Are you ready for a change of style? This Alessandra Dona 18 karat gold pearl earring is unlike anything else in your jewellery box. Not two matching pearls in each ear, but just one, dangling playfully from your ear, touching your cheek. Yes, just one cheek, because this mono pearl earring is worn in one ear, with the other left bare, or – if you like – adorned with a stud.

South Sea Pearl charm

The delicate 18 karat golden chain has a 10-11 mm white South Sea pearl attached to it, and a gold ball on the other end. Just like all other Alessandra Dona pearl jewellery the quality of this pearl is excellent, Dona is a pearl specialist. We are proud to show you her collection of Alessandra Dona pearl jewelry in Amsterdam now.

Venice design jewelry

The Italian jewellery designer Alessandra Donà was born and raised close to Venice and clearly brings her Italian roots to her jewellery designs. Dona specializes in pearl jewellery, which contains Southsea pearls, Tahiti pearls and  Freshwater pearls of the highest quality. Of course, all pearls are sourced by Alessandra herself. Her experience in treating these precious treasures of Nature was built up when she collaborated with famous international jewellery Maisons.


Alessandra Donà travelled the world for years. In Europe and the Orient she perfected her knowledge of pearls, and where to find them. Add her inherited sense of aesthetics, and there you have the basis for beautiful, trendy and qualitatively perfect pearl jewelry. The most beautiful pearls are set in unusual earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces, and sometimes combined with precious gemstones.

More Alessandra Dona pearl jewelry in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, Alessandra Dona pearl jewellery is exclusively available at Bonebakker jeweller. View our Alessandra Dona collection online, or visit our shop for a personal rendez-vous with this stylish and trendy brand.