ALESSANDRA DONA cocktail ring oval quartz gold 3 colours


these rings are sold out, please inform for availability and prices for the various gems

Alessandra Dona cocktail ring made for Amsterdam, in 18k Gold. Amsterdam is the rainbow city, so why not have a cocktail party in three different moods:

This 18 karat gold ring is set with one big oval quartz, which is available in the following versions:

18k Rose gold with Green Amethyst 5,00 ct

18k Rose gold with Rose de France Amethyst 5,00ct

18k Yellow gold with yellow/green Lemon Quartz 5,00 ct

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Alessandra Dona oval quartz cocktail ring Amsterdam in 3 colours: green, yellow and pink now

This Alessandra Dona cocktail ring couldn’t be more fit for the city of Amsterdam. It’s executed  in 18k Gold, and available for colourful people in three different versions: and 18 karat rose gold cocktail ring with Green Amethyst, an 18 karat Rose gold cocktail ring with Rose de France Amethyst in pink, and an 18 karat Yellow gold cocktail ring with yellow/green Lemon Quartz.

Quartz in all colours

Of all minerals, quartz is the one with the greatest amount of varieties. That’s why Bonebakker Jeweller can offer you jewels with quartz that range from pink to green and from yellow to completely transparent. The names for these different colours and varieties differ too. You may have hear of rock crystal, milky quartz and amethyst. Or of citrine, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye and aventurine. Less familiar are the microcrystalline quartz varieties, such as jasper, carnelian, chalcedony, onyx, and agate. Sometimes quartz forms in such unusual shapes that they can be mistaken even with diamonds.

Bonebakker supports Pride Amsterdam

Early August, Amsterdam gets ready for a party beyond compare. Celebrating the equality of people of all genders and sexual preferences, Pride Amsterdam hosts the Canal Parade, one of the most famous events in the world. Over 500,000 visitors cheer on the more than 80 decorated boats that sail on the Prinsengracht canal. Bonebakker is a fierce advocate of equal rights, and we are happy to accommodate all jewellery-loving participants and spectators of Pride Amsterdam with a colourful collection, such as our Rainbow Key of Amsterdam pendant, but also this spectacular Alessandra Dona cocktail ring that comes in three joyful colours fit for Amsterdam Priders!