ALESSANDRA DONA pyramid pearl earring lemon quartz yellow gold


Alessandra Dona trendy pearl earring with pyramids of 18K Yellow Gold, lemon quartz and yellow South Sea pearl

Featuring the world’s most beautiful gem, the pearl, this pyramid-shaped trendy pearl earring by Alessandra Donà is made of 18K yellow gold. It is set with a giant yellow green lemon quartz and topped off with an exclusive natural yellow South Sea pearl of 9-10 mm. The perfect combination of design, elegance, and luxury.

These earrings are priced individually, not per set.

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Alessandra Donà trendy pearl earring with pyramid studded hoop, lemon quartz and a yellow South Sea pearl

A perfect design meets a punky attitude. This Alessandra Dona trendy pearl earring is not for wallflowers, but ladies with an ample amount of self-confidence will love the trendy pearl earrings the Italian designer Donà created. The hoop is studded as in the leather jackets popular in the 80s. They combine wonderfully with the giant lemon quartz held in a nearly invisible yellow gold setting. The icing on the cake is made by the natural yellow South Sea pearl, Alessandra Dona selected herself. Quality, lustre and size were the criteria that this pearl was selected for.

Trendy pearl earring design

Trendy is the first word that comes to mind when looking at this lemon quartz earring. Magnificence is the second. No wonder, the designer of this contemporary earring was Italian designer Alessandra Dona. Born and raised in Venice, she was endowed with a natural sense of beauty and aesthetics. Later, Alessandra Donà travelled the world for years and began to design jewellery for the most beautiful pearls she found. They are set in unusual earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces, and sometimes combined with precious gemstones. Dona’s pearl jewellery contains Southsea pearls, Tahiti pearls and  Freshwater pearls of the highest quality.

More Alessandra Donà pearl jewellery in Amsterdam

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