ALESSANDRA DONA yellow gold necklace Friday Night pyramids


Alessandra Dona yellow gold necklace with pyramids Friday Night

Fashioned in 18K yellow gold, this studded spike necklace from Alessandra Dona’s Friday Night collection brings a bit of playfully subversive edge to a glam look.

Wear this necklace layered with the Akoya pearl necklace by Alessandra Dona.

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Alessandra Dona yellow gold necklace with dangling pyramids from the Friday Night collection

No pearls this time, although this adorable little necklace combines perfectly with the Akoya pearl necklace by Alessandra Dona to create a glam look. The yellow gold pyramids dangle playfully on the fine gold chain, simple and pure. The necklace is available in 3 sizes: 45, 47 and 49 cm.

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian pyramids

Designer Alessandra Dona travelled a lot before she settled down and started her jewelry business. For this product line – the Friday Night collection – she was inspired by Egypt and the concept of life after death. Visiting the pyramids, she began to mesmerize what a pyramid would look like if not fixed to the ground.  For the ancient Egyptians, pyramids may have been viewed as a way to send the soul of the dead pharaoh directly to the home of the gods. That is why these enormous structures never cease to inspire. For Donà, playfulness comes before anything else. And look: the combination has an eternal nature of its own.

More Alessandra Dona jewelry in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, Alessandra Dona jewellery, with or without pearls, is exclusively available at Bonebakker jeweller. View our Alessandra Dona collection online, or visit our shop for a personal rendez-vous with this stylish and trendy brand.