White gold ring with lagoon tourmaline and diamonds


White gold ring with a cushion cut lagoon tourmaline and marquise cut diamonds

A unique lagoon tourmaline with a stunning bright colour is the absolute eye-catcher in this handmade one-of-a-kind ring from Bonebakker.

This exquisite lagoon tourmaline captivates with its stunning blue-green hue, reminiscent of a tropical lagoon’s enchanting waters, which inspired the name ‘lagoon tourmaline’. The gemstone is masterfully shaped into a cushion cut, weighing 2.08 carats, and hails from Namibia, marking it as a scarce find due to its unique color. Elegantly set in a white gold ring, the tourmaline is flanked by three marquise-cut diamonds on each side, contributing to a total diamond weight of 0.50 carats.