White gold ring with blue gemstones and diamonds


18 karat white gold ring with blue gemstones and diamonds

Why be modest when there is so much reason to shine? A cushion-cut Blue Topaz (8.06 ct.) presents itself as bold eye candy in this white gold ring with diamonds in the bezel (0.14ct.) The ring is part of a series and can be completed with London Blue topaz, iolite, sapphire earrings and a pendant.

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White gold ring with blue gemstones and diamonds

Grand with a touch of drama

This ring with blue gemstones lives up to the term cocktail ring. Traditionally, cocktail rings – unlike a favourite everyday ring – are worn to attract attention on special occasions. Extremely elegant and classy, of course, but never without some desired drama.  Today, we make our own rules. Today’s woman wears her cocktail ring wherever and whenever she wants. What has remained is that cocktail rings can be combined with matching jewelry. A desire that this 18-karat white gold ring with blue gemstones and diamonds with matching necklace and earring exuberantly fulfils. After all, a true star knows how to put others in her light!

Bright London Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz Darker blue gemstones such as sapphire, tanzanite and spinel have high hardness but are rare and expensive. Blue topaz has a lighter shade of blue, without losing excellent hardness. Put together with its beautiful brilliance it’s easy to understand why London Blue Topaz is everyone’s darling. Beloved yet exclusive because of how the stone is set in a handcrafted white gold ring, surrounded by diamonds, iolite and sapphire.

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