White gold earrings with diamonds and emeralds By Bonebakker


Delicate emerald and a cascade of diamonds ( 3.02ct.) seduce with an abundance of elegance. Set in white gold, the dozens of diamonds form a dazzling and enervating combination with emerald drops totalling 2.04ct.


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White gold earrings with diamonds and emeralds By Bonebakker

These white gold earrings diamonds and emeralds are part of the colorful collection Jewels Of Color By Bonebakker. These earrings contain dozens of diamonds in a pavé setting with a total of 3.02 ct. The emerald is considered the gemstone of kings and represents harmony and justice. The two drop-shaped emeralds with a total of 2.04ct form the radiant center of the earrings. Love for colored gemstones, attention to detail, love for beauty – these white gold earrings with diamonds and emeralds reflect it all. They are made for everyday wear, or to complement your eye-catching appearance at the party of the year.

Natural treasures

Jewellery in every possible colour has been a great source of inspiration for Bonebakker jewellers since 1792, and the reason why we love the jewellery profession. Nature, with its gift of precious gemstones, is a source that deserves our utmost care and respect. Who doesn’t get lost in the nuances of aquamarine, blue topaz or crystalline white diamonds? Each of these special natural treasures has an important place within the colour palette of Bonebakker jewellery. Our gemstone specialists select, cut, polish and place the gemstone in beautifully designed jewellery. Desirable, graceful, swanky or downright irresistible jewellery, such as these white gold earrings with diamonds and emeralds

More colourful jewellery by Bonebakker

An explosion of colour or the elegance of white diamonds combined with a coloured gemstone? At Bonebakker, we have developed multiple collections in which we give o coloured gemstones their well-deserved stage. Through our webshop, you can enjoy a part of the extensive Bonebakker collection. You are also more than welcome to experience these white gold earrings, diamonds and emeralds in our jewelry store, please make an appointment to visit us. It is also possible to commission us to create a unique, personal piece of jewellery. You will find Bonebakker jewellers in the Van Baerle Shopping Gallery in the Conservatorium Hotel on Museumplein in Amsterdam.