White gold bracelet with diamonds and emeralds By Bonebakker


18 Karat white gold bracelet with 3.60ct emeralds and 3.35cts of diamonds.

At Bonebakker we love colour. Recently we found 3 pear shaped emeralds and designed a bracelet that makes this unique gemstone display its full beauty. A connecting bar of gold mounted after the pear cut emerald, seems invisible when worn, and creates a playfull effect emphasizing the pearcut shapes of the emeralds in this elegant bracelet.

The total length of this bracelet is 17cm but can be adjusted in our atelier.

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White gold bracelet with diamonds and emeralds

We love emeralds. Emeralds, with their beautiful green tones from light to dark green, together with rubies and sapphires, form ‘the big three’ among the colored gemstones. The fascinating play of colors between blue and green is characteristic of emeralds. The interplay with sparkling diamonds makes the color palette
even more exciting. The square or rectangular ’emerald cut’, used for this bracelet, is a cutting technique, specially developed for emeralds. A centred round cut emerald is also part of this white gold bracelet with diamond and emerald.

Luxury white gold bracelet with diamond and emeralds

Bonebakker jeweler is located in the heart of Amsterdam. The dynamism, charm and colorful diversity of the city are a great source of inspiration for us. And so is our own history as an Amsterdam jeweller.  As the oldest jeweler in the Netherlands, centuries of tradition and craftsmanship shine through in our collections.
Our luxury jewels are manufactured with extensive attention to every detail. Also, we only work with materials of the highest quality and from verified sources. This guarantees that jewellery made by Bonebakker retains its beauty for a long time, even if worn daily. It’s in our DNA to create jewelry that lasts more than a lifetime. Favorite pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation, from loved one to loved one.

More classics with a twist made by Bonebakker

Have you fallen for this white gold bracelet with diamonds and emeralds? Then you’re sure to find more at Bonebakker that suit your personal taste and style. Many of our handcrafted jewellery is a combination of tradition and flair. We never stop believing that even classics are never sufficiently dissected. They can always show us hidden faces. You can view and order part of our extensive collection from our webshop. Would you like to experience all the colour nuances and multiple designer jewels by Bonebakker? We’re more than happy to see you visit us. It is also possible to commission us to create a unique, personal piece of jewellery. You can find Bonebakker jewellers in the Van Baerle Shopping Gallery in the Conservatorium Hotel on Museumplein in Amsterdam.