Stephen Webster Crystal Haze Tablet Twister Earrings Emerald


These Crystal Haze Tablet Twister Earrings make you Twist, Play, and Change your look. By simply flipping the front side to the back, you are creating a whole new style.

You will create a whole new appearance by just twisting the Tablet Twister Earrings. These earrings are a true example of Stephen Webster’s Crystal Haze technique in which he incorporates gemstones under a dome of transparent rock crystal.
This creation offers White Opalescent Crystal Haze and Green Agate Crystal Haze, with baguette-cut Emeralds.

These earrings match the Crystal Haze Twister Tablet pendant you find here.

Style Code: WE1102 – CH2

18ct Recycled Yellow Gold (8.19gm)
White Opalescent (2pcs, 4.97ct), Green Agate (2pcs, 6.02ct) And Emeralds (8pcs, 0.16ct)
Total Length 26.8mm, Total Weight 10.42gm


Butterfly Mark Passport

Stephen Webster is Butterfly Mark certified – independently verifying the highest sustainability standards.

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The CH2 Tablet Twister Earrings showcase Stephen Webster’s ethereal Crystal Haze technique of overlaying faceted quartz over coloured gemstones.

A twister effect for the vibrant CH2 collection of jewellery from popular London-based jewellery designer Stephen Webster. These angular Tablet Twister earrings are set with diamonds and are made of 18k yellow gold. They glow in two contrasting Crystal Haze colours.

By simply flipping the piece, you can switch from glittering opal to colourful green agate. Make a thrilling statement every day with these sumptuous creations. The holographic gemstones already count stars such as Madonna and Taylor Swift among their fans, and you too are invited to delight in this amazing statement jewellery.