Rose gold gourmette necklace with diamonds


The classic gourmette chain makes a bold appearance in this necklace. The 18kt rose gold links fall easily around the neck and are set with 6.97crt of diamonds.

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Gourmette necklace with diamonds from the Bonebakker Collection

A gourmette necklace with diamonds is ‘always back from never being gone’. It’s a classic gold chain you can’t ignore. A favorite piece of jewellery as timeless as the woman wearing her gourmet link necklace as a beloved piece of jewellery.

Classic with a gold twist

The design is identified by slightly twisted flat links that embrace each other. The flat sides of the links ensure that the necklace falls beautifully around the neck. Who said classics couldn’t be changed in a brilliant way? In this design, we have carefully faceted the parts of the links and richly set them with fine diamonds. This gourmette necklace could not be more convincing that there is always room for more luxury, giddiness, and elegance.

Bold gourmet necklace with diamonds

There is no reason to be coy when it comes to expressing a personal style. This gold gourmette necklace with diamonds emphasizes the natural appeal of boldness. A piece of jewellery for the woman who grabs her space without emphasizing it. Because at Bonebakker, we have a penchant for jewellery that is truly personal. You will find them in our various Bonebakker collections, or they are part of the collections from foreign jewellery houses carefully selected by us. It is also possible to have jewellery made to your specifications.

Fancy more classics with a twist from the Bonebakker collection?

At Bonebakker Jeweler, you will find an extensive collection of unique jewelry, inspired by tradition and well-loved classics. This shiny, hard-to-resist gourmette link necklace with diamonds, is part of a large made by Bonebakker family. Simultaneously, each piece is unique. Come experience our complete Bonebakker collection at our shop in the Conservatorium Hotel. We also make fully customized bracelets. You emphasize your expression, we connect the links.