Pendant with diamonds and emerald by Bonebakker


18 karat white gold pendant with diamonds and emerald Made By Bonebakker. Dazzling Y-pendant, richly studded with diamonds (1.60ct) and a enchanting emerald drop (0.95ct). A trendy piece of jewellery, defining the new classics.


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Pendant with diamonds and emerald

This pendant with diamonds and a drop-shaped emerald is highly desirable. With the lightness and sparkle of white gold and diamonds, combined with the intense color of the emerald, she makes her appearance with flair. Is she the one who steals the show, are you, or is it the dazzling combination that makes you look so good together?

The greenest of all

The greenest of gems, the emerald, is also known as the queen among gems. Not only her color is stunning, but she also has a mystical and magical appeal. Because of their rarity, it isn’t easy to obtain a high-quality emerald. The most valuable emeralds are not only pure and intense in color, but also transparent. Set in white gold, we created a pendant with a modern and appealing design, ready to become a stunning classic.

Exuberant pendant with diamonds and emerald

The beauty of an emerald is the kind of vitality you can’t ignore. The drop-shaped emerald (0.95ct) is the shining centrepiece of this handmade pendant. Emeralds are considered a symbol of good luck. Dozens of diamonds (1.60ct) accompany the emerald and adorn the white gold necklace with brilliance. The slim shape makes this Y-pendant an elegant yet exuberant beauty.

Fancy more colour from the Bonebakker collection?

At Bonebakker, we love gemstones. In all possible colours and variations, they play an important role in our collections. Some of these luxury beauties are featured on our website. Our  collection is really too large to be fully shown online. For a complete impression, you are welcome at Bonebakker. We are located in the Van Baerle Shopping Gallery in the Conservatorium Hotel on Museumplein in Amsterdam. We are also happy to make your personal pendant with diamonds and gems, or another piece of jewellery to order. As a jeweller, we have a long tradition of creating unique pieces.