OLE LYNGGAARD Snake Earrings Long


OLE LYNGGAARD Snake Earring Long

Designed by Ole Lynggaard, the Snakes earring is crafted from 18 karats yellow gold with 4 pavé-set diamonds and one bezel-set diamond totalling 0.026-carat TW.VS. The earring is handcrafted by Ole Lynggaard’s master goldsmiths. The visible gold surfaces are satin finished by hand. Obviously, this earring is part of the Snakes Collection.

Sold as a single piece. At Bonebakker’s we have many possibilities for drops that can be attached to the snake. This way, you can match your style to your outfit of the day.

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Ole Lynggaard Snake Earrings Long 18 karat yellow gold

The Ole Lynggaard Snake Earring Long is an elegant and striking snake earring. The snake is worn on one ear and is made of solid 18-carat yellow gold, decorated with white diamonds.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen employs no less than 40 talented designers and goldsmiths. Under the direction of Ole and his daughter Charlotte, exceptional jewellery is created. The house’s exceptional designs and high quality have earned it a position as a purveyor to the Danish royal family.

Ole Lynggaard first presented his ideas to the outside world with the opening of his workshop in 1963. The rest is history. The family business is now in its third generation. Father and daughter Charlotte are responsible for the designs, son Soren is the brand’s CEO.

Natural forms are a recurring source of inspiration in the jewellery of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. This Ole Lynggaard Snake Earrings Long in 18-carat yellow gold is a fine example. In the golden head and tail of the snake, fine diamonds catch the light. Moreover, the shape of snakeskin has been approximated by manually adding fine lines to the gold.

For the Danish family business, the snake is a symbol of fertility, creativity, and transformation. This bold earring is a beautiful part of the Snakes Collection. An earring that suits women who dare to choose unique jewellery to emphasise their individuality. Therefore, this earring is sold per piece, in right-hand and a left-hand version.

Ole Lyngaard jewellery is in Amsterdam exclusively available at Bonebakker. View our Ole Lyngaard collection online, or visit our shop for a personal rendez-vous with this stylish brand.