OLE LYNGGAARD Life bracelet cord


OLE LYNGGAARD Life bracelet cord

Discover Charlotte Lynggaard’s tribute to playfulness and luxury. The rainbow bracelet will appeal to a large audience, and yet it is unique!

Vibrant-coloured Life bracelets are colourful companions anytime and anywhere life is explored. Each hand-knotted bracelet features an elaborate 18k gold hook lock complementing more exclusive bracelet designs.

This Bohemian spirit bracelet, resilient and understated, oozes quality and superb craftsmanship.



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OLE LYNGGAARD Life Bracelet Cord and 18 karat yellow gold

The OLE LYNGGAARD Life Bracelet Cord, is a characteristic example of the harmonious interplay of materials. Not surprisingly so, because ‘the beauty of harmony’ is one of the style characteristics of this Danish jewellery house. In addition to gold, precious stones, and diamonds, less obvious materials are used. Examples include silk and cord. It is remarkable how these get the same rich look as precious materials. Love, craftsmanship, creativity and an eye for beauty are at the basis of this.

Ole Lynggaard is a Danish jewellery brand, based in Copenhagen, known for its high quality,  and its distinctive Scandinavian design style. This cheerful Ole Lynggaard Life bracelet cord and 18-carat yellow gold is an invitation to be inspired by colour. In addition, the bracelet is hand-knotted and given an 18-carat gold, hand-crafted hook-shaped clasp.

The use of colour in combination with gold is a perfect statement of the house. Being an artisanal jewellery brand, Ole Lynggaard has held on to the enchanting appeal of color and craftsmanship since its foundation in 1963. Moreover, in Ole Lynggaard jewellery lies the ability to combine minimalism with pure luxury: timeless jewellery, full of expression for women of all ages.

Ole Lyngaard jewellery is in Amsterdam exclusively available at Bonebakker. View our Ole Lyngaard collection online, or visit our shop for a personal rendezvous with this stylish brand.