Messika Care Bracelet Move Uno Pave on chain


Celebrate individuality with the Messika Care Bracelet Move Uno Pave on chain, a piece that highlights the beauty of a single, freely moving diamond. The iconic, diamond-studded Move cage in 18k yellow gold creates a dazzling stage for this unique gem. Part of the timeless Move Classique collection, this bracelet is designed to elevate your everyday style with its three moving diamonds. As a modern and romantic symbol, it is a signature piece from Maison Messika, embodying minimalistic elegance that suits any occasion. Messika, redefining contemporary luxury, crafted this special item as part of their Messika Care(s) collection. This radiant 18Kt rose gold bracelet, adorned with diamonds of G/VS quality and a total weight of 0.07 carats, supports organisations and NGOs dedicated to children’s education and health.

Total diamond weight: 0.07 carats, G/VS quality.
Length of chain: 18 cm (5 closure rings).

The Messika Care Bracelet Move Uno Pave on chain is available at Bonebakker  in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold.