Messika bracelet Move Noa


A gold and diamond jewelry piece for both men and women, the Noa diamond bangle bracelet is part of a timeless jewelry trend, designed to be worn as a couple and to seal the promise of a love that combines past, present and future. These three moving diamonds have become a universal symbol that embody a bold design.

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Messika bracelet Move Noa Large 18 karat pink gold with diamond

The rose gold Messika bracelet Move Noa, is a stylish diamond jewellery piece, wearable by both men and women. This makes this unisex bracelet also great to wear as a special bracelet for you and your loved one.

Beautiful fascination

Fascinating eyecatchers in this rose gold bracelet are the three diamonds that can move freely. This allows the diamonds to catch the light in an ever-changing way. Freedom of movement plays an important role in the design of Messika jewellery and as a symbol. For Valérie Messika, founder of Messika jewellery, they are an association with her youth, in which she was allowed to accompany her father, the diamond merchant André Messika, on his purchasing trips. From an early age, she was fascinated by the way her father moved diamonds independently in his hands.

Distinctive design style

Driven by the desire to create bold high-end diamond jewellery, Parisian Valérie Messika founded her own jewellery company in 2005. Her father told her to look for jewels that did not yet exist. A golden piece of advice. Valérie gave new meaning and symbolic value to the well-known and beloved stones that are diamonds. With her innovative designs, Valérie Messika presents diamond jewellery in a new, and if possible, even more, desirable light. 

With modern-elegant jewellery, the brand impresses lovers of diamond jewellery all over the world. And who isn’t? Her creations can regularly be admired on the bodies of celebrities when they make an appearance on the red carpet.

Most attractive Messika collection in Amsterdam

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