Earrings with opal, tourmaline and diamonds


18-karat white gold earrings with opal, tourmaline and diamonds.

A charming, luxurious appearance in an explosion of pastel shades. The arrangement of white gold, opal, tourmaline and diamonds shows her elegance in a romantic, carefully picked bouquet of precious gemstones. These earrings with an absolute WOW-effect are part of the Bonebakker Curated Jewelry Selection.

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18-karat white gold earrings with opal tourmaline diamonds

Earrings for a magical sparkle

An explosion of pastel shades in its most charming, luxurious appearance. These dangling earrings with opal tourmaline and diamonds are arranged like a romantic bouquet.

The opal is a gemstone with a diverse colour palette, ranging from colourless to black and colourful tones like red, orange, yellow, violet, green and blue. There are also numerous variations in the myths and legends surrounding the gemstone. Throughout the centuries, in many cultures, opal has been used as a talisman, intended to bring beauty, success, and good luck. Opals are magical because of their play of colors that changes depending on the incidence of light. We can’t imagine better gems than opals, accompanied by tourmaline and diamonds, to surround the face with extra sparkle.

Bonebakker Curated Jewelry Selection

The earrings are part of the Bonebakker Curated Jewelry Selection. Bonebakker is located in the heart of Amsterdam and has been part of this inspiring, unique and inspiring city since 1792. The atmosphere, tradition and history of Bonebakker and our craft inspire us every day to create luxurious, personal jewelry. We rely on honest craftsmanship and traditional methods and we only work with premium quality materials from verified sources. In the Bonebakker studio, you will find jewellery with a WOW-effect for every day, for special occasions or as a family jewel to pass on from generation to generation, made to cherish and wear, but never subtle.

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In love with these 18-karat white gold earrings with opal, tourmaline and diamonds? We are pleased to show you even more exclusive jewellery from the Bonebakker collection. Unfortunately, we can only show you a limited number of jewellery designs online. That is why we invite you to visit our jewellery store in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. Here, you can view the full range of high-end jewellery from the Bridges of Amsterdam collection and other Bonebakker collections.