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Rebellious, synonym of union and whimsical in spirit. This is dinh van’s iconic bracelet.

Can also be made into a cord necklace. The menottes are worn with colorful cords to change according to your desires and life’s emotions!

This bracelet comes beautifully packaged in its original dinh van presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

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DINH VAN Menottes cord bracelet R10 yellow gold

The dinh van Menottes R10 cord bracelet is jewellery for him and her. It makes the perfect present to celebrate your love. Menottes is the French word for ‘handcuffs’, and these handcuffs are made for love. They are the loving symbol of connection and strengthen the image of a lover’s warm embrace. The combination of 18 karats yellow gold and cord may seem daring, but is a fully understandable example of dinh van’s vision: his jewelry should be made to be worn. Everyday forms, everyday wear, that’s his philosophy.

Menottes leather cord bracelet, the contours of love

Pure designs have always been the goal of Jean Dinh Van, founder of the Paris-based brand. The designer was born in 1927 to Vietnamese/French parents, and after working for Cartier for ten years, he set up his own brand in Paris in 1965. The Menottes collection is one of the icons of the French jewellery house. As always the shapes used are geometrical, symmetrical even and they are combined in a fresh, unorthodox way.

dinh van Menottes cord bracelet; forever mine

The jewellery dinh van designs is pure, minimalist and always intended to enhance the beauty of its wearer. This Menottes cord bracelet plays with the combination of a noble material – gold – and leather, making it a piece of jewellery that can be worn every day in every situation.

This dinh van Menottes cord bracelet is daring, rebellious and whimsical at the same time. Moreover, it carries an unknown surprise. Within seconds, the bracelet can be made into a cord necklace. So you can wear the two Menottes right above your heart.

More dinh van in Amsterdam

dinh van’s vision, expressed in collections such Le Cube Diamant, Pi and Menottes, have made him one of the most recognisable, beloved jewellery designers ever. Bonebakker jeweller in Amsterdam is proud to be one of the best-assorted points of sale of the brand. We can only show you a limited number of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings from this French jewellery house in our online jewellery shop. Therefore, we invite you to come and see (and feel) dinh van jewellery in our shop in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.