Key of Amsterdam bracelet – on thick cord


An elegant and sporty way to carry the key of Amsterdam bracelet with you. Choose 18K yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, on a black or darkblue cord. This bracelet is also perfect for men.
Size of the key: 23 mm. On thick cord.

The cord bracelet will be sent to you in exclusive gift packaging.

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Cord bracelet ‘Key of Amsterdam’ is a sporty bracelet from the signature ‘Key of Amsterdam’ collection. The 18-carat key is an ode to Bonebakker’s history as the ‘key maker’ of the City of Amsterdam, and is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The key is attached to a high-quality cord, which can be wrapped several times around the wrist. Is it possible for a combination of precious metal and tough cord to be any more seductive?

Cord bracelet full of symbolism

This cord bracelet has a symbolic value. Both for the wearer – this cord bracelet is also very suitable for men – and for Bonebakker jewelers. Wear the bracelet as a memento of the city of Amsterdam, or consider wearing this cord bracelet as a symbol of personal commitment, as a ‘key to my heart’.

A jewel from our signature collection

The Key of Amsterdam collection is one of Bonebakker jewellers’ signature collections. Keys symbolize trust and affection. The city of Amsterdam and keys have always played an important role in Bonebakker’s history. The Keys of Amsterdam collection is an ode to connection, the city of Amsterdam, and is our personal and historic story.

Keys with a message

It was in 1806, that Adrianus Bonebakker, crafted city keys and handed them to Napoleon. Precisely these keys have made an impressive journey through Amsterdam’s history. Adrianus Bonebakker’s handmade keys also play a role in 1813, when King Willem I visited Amsterdam on 2 December. The keys have since been added to the Amsterdam Museum’s collections. A painting by Van Bree, also on display at the museum, shows the handing over of the keys to Napoleon by the mayor of Amsterdam.

The key is a covenant of love

Even more, than the historical background from which our signature collection ‘Keys of Amsterdam’ arose, the collection is about connection. Not for surprisingly, keys as jewellery convey ‘the door to my heart’ as a universal message.

Each piece of jewellery from the ‘Key of Amsterdam collection’, including the women’s and men’s cord bracelet, are designed entirely by hand, with great attention to detail.

Our signature collection ‘Key of Amsterdam’, is particularly extensive. Are you in love with the cord bracelet with a golden key, or would you like to see more of the ‘Key of Amsterdam’ collection’? Please feel welcome to visit our jewellery shop in the Conservatorium Hotel.

Additional Information
Type gold

18kt pink gold, 18kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold

Color of cord

Black, Dark Blue