Buccellati Rombi ring


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Natural elements, beloved by Buccellati, are stylized to become geometric shapes. The design, Renaissance-inspired, is obtained through a meticulous handmade piercing. White gold enhances the preciousness of this workmanship.

The ring with fine diamonds (0.36ct size 52) reflects the craftsmanship and the Italian heritage of the Buccellati house since 1919.



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Buccellati Rombi ring 18 karat white gold with diamonds

The Buccellati Rombi ring is an ode to love, joy and tradition. Staying true to its design style is almost a sacred rule for the Buccellati house, which was founded in 1919. This choice has made high-end jewellery loved by women all over the world for more than a century. Designers and jewellers of the famous Italian jewellery house still prefer centuries-old Italian techniques in the production of jewellery.

High-end ring with Venetian characteristics

Sources of inspiration are the Renaissance and Venetian designs. Creations are loved for their unique engravings, which prove the extraordinary skill of the craftsmen. These can also be found in this richly decorated white gold ring. This handmade ring made of 18-carat white gold lovingly incorporates dozens of diamonds (0.36 ct).

A perfect gift for her…

The Rombi ring by Buccellati is a style symbol for elegant women who, like the Buccellati house, are true to themselves. The ring is an ideal gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary or engagement. But above all, give it to yourself, when you are the woman who knows how to wear the excellent Buccallati style.

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