Boucheron Serpent Bohème Ring yellow-gold paved with diamonds


This Boucheron Serpent Bohème Ring, paved with diamonds, is created from 18 karats yellow gold in the Paris workshops of the Maison Boucheron. In the snake’s head, 32 brilliant-cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 1.27 carats are set.

This feminine Boucheron cocktail ring in yellow gold from the Boucheron Serpent Boheme collection is a unique example of the savoir-faire of  Boucheron.

The yellow gold Boucheron Serpent Boheme Ring with paved diamonds in the shape of a snake’s head, is exclusively available in Amsterdam at Bonebakker Jewellers.

The Serpent Boheme collection



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Boucheron Serpent Bohème Ring and his inspiring story

In the history of the house of Boucheron, the snake has always had a special meaning. A positive meaning, that is, primarily due to a very special gift from founder Frédéric Boucheron to his wife Gabrielle. For the couple, this piece of jewellery would be a symbol of their love and solidarity. And not only for this couple. To this day, the snake has remained also a symbol for the house of Boucheron.

Frédéric gave his wife a special necklace with a special message. The necklace was in the shape of a snake that she would wear during his absence as a symbol of their bond. In addition, it would protect Gabrielle. It is for this reason, that the serpent in the Boucheron collections has a very loving, but at the same time powerful and protective value.

Serpent Boheme collection

In honour of this special gift, the Serpent Bohème collection was launched in 1968. That is almost a century after Frédéric’s gift to Gabrielle. Over the years, the serpent has remained strongly associated with the creations of the house of Boucheron. As an art form, the snake is symbolically represented in many creations as a teardrop. In this way, the Boucheron Serpent Bohème ring symbolises not only the history of the house. But also the spirit of the house of Boucheron, and the strength and femininity of all Boucheron jewellery.

The Serpent collection has always remained an inspiration for the designers of the French Maison. In the latest collections, the word “Bohème” was added to the collection name as a reference to Frédéric Boucheron’s admiration for the artistic and intellectual milieu of his time.

An invitation to express yourself

Boucheron’s concept is based on freedom and is an invitation to be yourself. As always, Boucheron jewellery is designed to emphasise the personal style of women. This philosophy gives Boucheron jewellery its unmistakable character. Femininity and women in all possible facets are the focus of each design. The jewelry itself has to enhance the character. Boucheron creates jewellery that allows women to express their uniqueness. “Be free to be yourself”, is therefore the unmistakable Boucheron style.

This feminine Boucheron cocktail ring in yellow gold from the Boucheron Serpent Bohème collection is a unique example of the savoir-faire of  Boucheron. You might also like this ring with rhodolite from the Serpent Bohème collection or this rope ring from the same collection.

The Serpent Boheme collection