Boucheron Quatre Ring Double White with diamonds


In 2004, the success story of the Boucheron Quatre Ring started from a single ring. Grosgrain, Double Godron, line of diamonds and Clou de Paris: four motifs from Boucheron’s archives, all very different at first sight, were brought together to form a unique design. Urban and graphic, the Quatre collection draws on the Maison’s heritage to capture its essence and become Boucheron’s contemporary signature. An icon, a symbol of strength and protection. And not without reason – its weight in gold is the largest of the Place Vendôme rings.

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Boucheron Quatre Ring & friends for a complete collection

The Boucheron Quatre Ring has been an icon since 2004. This season, nine years later, the design has not lost its charm one bit, and the house of Boucheron presents the Quatre Double White Edition collection, which adorns all the codes of its icon in white. Grosgrain and Double Godron are sculpted in white gold, while the Clou de Paris sits in pristine Hyceram alongside the row of diamonds. Besides the Boucheron Quatre Ring with diamonds, the series includes rings, earrings, necklaces and a bold hair ornament, the collection’s flagship piece.

Boucheron Quatre Ring, a timeless and unisex icon

Over time, the Quatre line has become a timeless and unisex icon, constantly reinventing its sculptural look and urban elegance. Its four rings adopt Boucheron’s architectural codes (Le Grosgrain, the line of diamonds, the Double Godron and the Clou-de-Paris) and write an elegant score capable of all registers and combinations: purity or accumulation, austere and spectacular, both classic and surprise. A way of interpreting the DNA of the Maison with a touch of radicality, mixing in one gesture the inspiration of the first great jeweller of the Place Vendôme and the excellence of the artisanal gold sculptor.

Quatre affirms its contemporary spirit, playing with its variations of gold and textures, releasing a horizon of possibilities. Whatever the mood, temperament and inspiration of the moment, Four Classic looks for all women, but in their hands and fingers, it’s absolutely unique and inspiring.

Eternal Symbolism of the Boucheron Quatre Ring

The Quatre de Boucheron collection has continued to reinvent itself over the years, lowering the original model to create new universes. With its sculpted white ceramic ring, the Four White Edition breathes a breeze of hypermodernity into the collection. Here, the purity of white sublimates the Clou de Paris motif, symbolic of the house. Combined with diamonds and three shades of white, yellow and rose gold, the ceramic ring brings a resolutely contemporary touch. The Quatre Double White Edition line is also a must-have in the jewellery wardrobe of stylish women. The line is complete. At least until now. Because the success story continues unabated.

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