Boucheron Quatre Radiant ring with diamonds


Boucheron Quatre Radiant Ring in 18 karats with gold with diamonds

The Boucheron Quatre Radiant ring is made to be more than a piece of jewellery. The ring, which seems to consist of four – quatre- rings, is an ode to whimsy and individuality. In addition to the almost architectural characteristics of this special band ring, one of the bands has 25 round diamonds (0.51 carats).

The band ring is a clear style statement, inviting itself to be cherished by modern and stylish people.

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Boucheron Quatre Radiant ring with diamonds

Striking and executed to perfection in white gold and diamonds, this Boucheron Quatre Radiant ring is a special edition. Created in celebration of the 120th anniversary of the Boucheron boutique on Place Vendôme.

The lines of the ring are seen by the designers as a symbolic representation of light and energy. They lead back to the famous building in Paris that Frédéric Boucheron chose as his boutique.

The white gold band ring plays with light thanks to various treatments. At the same time, the shape has architectural characteristics.

As the makers describe it: The Boucheron Quatre Radiant ring Special edition, is a celebration in pure gold. A quintessential expression of Boucheron’s style. The signature “26 Place Vendôme Edition”, engraved by the Hands of Light, is a real jewel detail that adorns each ring.

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