Boucheron Quatre Hoop Earrings


Boucheron Quatre Hoop Earrings

Boucheron Quatre Hoop Earrings Classique bring you four individual adaptations from the world’s finest materials, which tell a never-ending story. These Boucheron Quatre Classique Hoop Earrings from the exciting and playful Quatre collection have all the design codes that make the Quatre collection iconic.

The ultra-modern combination consists of several bands including a 50 diamond-studded band ( 0.36 carats). The eye-catcher shines next to a band with Grosgrain and Clou de Paris motif. Together, they exemplify the harmonious beauty of the Quatre collection.

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Boucheron Quatre Hoop Earrings Classic with diamonds

Boucheron Quatre Hoop Earrings Classic have a French heart, which elegantly enchants. The house of Boucheron was the first jeweller at the Palais Royal in Paris in 1858. Today Boucheron is still known for its boldness, elegance and grace.

Boucheron Quatre jewellery is a perfect example of the unit between timelessness and modernity. Textures in the designs are lovingly built around the impressive history of the brand, but also contain modernities. The striking textures in this set of earrings are a reference to the cobbled streets around the brand’s prestigious headquarters at 26 Place Vendôme.

The distinctive textures of the Boucheron Quatre collection highlight the craftsmanship of Boucheron’s master goldsmiths. These Hoop earrings incorporate 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold and ceramics. Together with glittering diamonds, they create an enchanting effect.

Bonebakker is happy to be the only dealer of Boucheron jewellery in the Netherlands. In addition to this feminine and glamorous earring,  we invite you to take a look at the complete Bonebakker Amsterdam Boucheron Collection.