Boucheron Pendant Serpent Boheme


Boucheron Pendant Serpent Boheme

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The Boucheron pendant Serpent Boheme in yellow gold and with diamonds is worn on a 44 cm necklace. The snake’s head is depicted with 15 round diamonds with 0.65 carats, set and enclosed by spherical elements, made of 18 karats yellow gold. The honeycomb arrangement of the diamonds lets the light through and gives the stones even more shine.

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Boucheron Pendant Serpent Boheme and its inspiring story

There is a beautiful story behind the Boucheron pendant Serpent Boheme and also behind the Serpent collection itself. Because the snake as a symbol, is very important for the founder of the House. It was Frédérique Boucheron himself, who gave his wife Gabrielle a beautiful necklace in the shape of a snake, one evening before he left on a long journey. Due to that lovely gift, since that day on, the snake symbolises his love for his partner.

But it is also the reason why the snake became a symbol of protection. Because the snake formed jewellery would protect her during the time he was travelling. This led to the snake being the sign of the House of Boucheron from that day onwards. Because the snake as a messenger stands for romantic love, loyalty and friendship. Unlikly the snake that drove man and woman out of paradise, the snake of Boucheron in this way stands for a lucky charm.

The free spirit of the House of Boucheron

After its introduction in 1968, Serpent Boheme became over the years one of the most iconic creations of the house. As an art form, the head of the snake is symbolically represented by a tear drop. The Boucheron Serpent Boheme pendant embodies, strongly represents the free spirit of the House of Boucheron.

The Serpent collection has always remained a source of inspiration for the designers of Boucheron. In the latest collections, the word “Bohème” was added to the collection name as a reference to Frédéric Boucheron’s admiration for the artistic and intellectual milieu of his time.

Serpent Boheme collection