Boucheron Earring Serpent Bohème rhodolite and diamonds


Boucheron Earring Serpent Bohème with rhodolite and diamonds

Boucheron earring Serpent Bohème with rhodolite in 18 karats rose gold with diamonds. Framed in delicately crafted gold, the heart of this Boucheron Bohème earring contains a splendid rhodolite. The gemstone has an intense red tone that seems to shine from within.

This beautiful and classy Boucheron Serpent Bohème earring rhodolite owns one rhodolite garnet per earring ( 2.20 carats) plus 8 round, brilliant-cut diamonds (0.17 carats), and is sold individually.

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Boucheron Earring Serpent Bohème with Rhodolite

This Boucheron earring Serpent Bohème with its outstanding rhodolite is made to honour a woman’s individuality. The hanging Boucheron Bohème rhodolite earring consists of three interlocking drop shapes. Each top drop shape is set with pavé-set diamonds. Underneath is a beautiful rhodolite garnet. The design of the drops is a subtle, symbolic reference to the head of a snake.

This imaginative animal has a special meaning within Boucheron jewellery designs. It refers directly to the founder of Boucheron, Frédéric Boucheron. The master-jeweller gave his wife a jewel in the shape of a snake as a sign of fidelity, friendship and protection.

Bonebakker is happy to be the only dealer of Boucheron jewellery in the Netherlands. In addition to this feminine and glamorous earring, which is sold per piece, we invite you to take a look at the complete Bonebakker Amsterdam Boucheron Collection.