18kt Rose Gold ring with rose cut black diamonds – Reguliers Bridge


The Bridges of Amsterdam Collection offers an ode to Amsterdam, the city that was the cradle of the history of Bonebakker.

Amsterdam has more than 1500 bridges that with their characteristic appearance bejewel the city giving it a makeover so dramatic that it is hard to not admire it.

The first ring from the anniversary collection in honor of Bonebakker’s 225th anniversary is inspired by the iconic spot in Amsterdam, the corner Thorbeckeplein / Reguliersgracht where most bridges can be seen in succession.

It is no coincidence that this ring symbolizes the location where Bonebakker once opened its first store.

The ring is handmade, in 18 carat pink gold and has an arch pattern that mimics the famous bridges in Amsterdam, illuminated with beautiful white diamonds (0.31ct) and dotted with rose-cut (antique cut) black diamonds (3.51ct).

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Black diamonds ring from the Bonebakker Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

A ring with black diamonds rose cut and set in rose gold. A mysterious sight, inspired by one of the bridges on the Reguliersgracht.

The spectacle of the Amsterdam bridges, especially when they are illuminated at night, is a sight to remember. These historic bridges, richly lit, can be admired by the hundreds during a walk along the Amsterdam canals. The magic of Amsterdam Bridges at night is translated into a rose gold ring with white and black diamonds. The heavy diamond is rose-cut. This historic grinding technique provides a soft, somewhat classic look.

Intriguing black diamonds

In this black diamond ring in pink gold, the black diamonds on both sides are accompanied by a garland of white diamonds. Perhaps you will recognize in the round shape the magic of the Amsterdam arch bridge illuminated with dozens of lights that mirrors itself in the water. Maybe it’s the dozens of black and white diamonds that enchant you the most…

Rose-cut black diamonds

Bonebakker is located in the monumental Van Baerle Shopping Gallery. As jewellers, we have had a strong connection with the city of Amsterdam since Adrianus Bonebakker settled in Amsterdam in 1792. His clientele included the royal family; Adrianus forged swords for the Princes of Orange. He also designed royal dinner sets and the crown for William II in 1840. Now, the black diamond ring from the Bonebakker Bridges of Amsterdam Collection is an ode to the city inspired by the famous Amsterdam bridges. Yet this black diamond ring, in which white diamonds are also incorporated, unmistakably has a ‘royal allure’.

Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

The Bridges of Amsterdam Collection is an exclusive jewellery collection by Bonebakker.  Unfortunately, we can only show you a limited number of jewellery designs online. That is why we invite you to visit our jewellery store in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. Here, you can view the full range of high-end jewellery from the Bridges of Amsterdam collection and other Bonebakker collections.