Bonebakker 18 karat yellow gold ring Key of Amsterdam pink tourmaline 2.25 carat


18 karat yellow gold Key of Amsterdam ring pink tourmaline which boasts a warm combination of yellow gold and a pink gemstone. If you look closely you will see elements from the original Keys of Amsterdam, on both sides where the diamonds are set, but also in the setting the elements of the key or present in tiny details.

The magnificent pink tourmaline was a great find, and Bonebakker was happy to create this Key of Amsterdam ring around it. Its 2.25 carat deserve a solitaire setting, which enables the light to reach the core of the gem from all angles. The diamonds surrounding the tourmaline, total 0.06 carat.

Please know that whenever we find another beautiful gem, we design a new ring around it, so please contact us for the available colours.