18kt yellow gold locket with green enamel


18 Karat gold locket pendant green enamel and diamonds.

Keep your treasure close to your heart; this My Locket is for you alone! The 18 karat yellow gold locket is adorned with vitreous enamel and 0.29 carat of diamonds. It comes on an 18kt gold necklace with cylinder-shaped elements that are also enamelled.

The oval shape of the locket, measurements: approx. 36mm x 25mm, is both traditional and recognizable, but the finishing of this My Locket is something else.

The art of genuine fire enamelling is a near-extinct craft that dates back over millennia. The brilliant, radiant and sparkling colours are literally born of fire. The original enamel recipe comprises mineral substances and is carefully applied and fired, layer for layer. Only when the temperature is exactly right can the colours reveal their optimal shine.

Traditionally, a locket was used as a keep-safe for secrets, treasures and memorabilia. Today, it is worn as a statement, stylish and smart: it will attract admiring glances, whilst at the same time concealing a woman’s most treasured secret – a photo of her loved one.

Hold your happiness close to your heart.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase just the locket 7490 euro/ just the chain 2590 euro, or for other available colours.