18kt Rose gold earrings with rose-cut champagne diamonds – Reguliersgracht Bridge


Earrings featuring rose-cut diamonds (3.09ct.) and tiny brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.95ct TW/VS. These 18-karat rose gold hoop earrings, named ‘Reguliersgracht Bridge,’ are part of the exclusive Bonebakker ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’ collection.

Crafted with precision, these earrings are inspired by one of Amsterdam’s most famous bridges, known for its charming ambience. Wearing these earrings brings a sense of sophistication and connection to the artistic heritage of Amsterdam. This makes these earrings not only a unique piece of jewelry, but also a wearable piece of Amsterdam’s history. Offering a wearable touch of the city’s romantic and timeless dynamics.

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Earrings with rose cut diamonds from the Bridges of Amsterdam collection

These Earrings with rose cut diamonds are a tribute to the city’s over 1500 iconic bridges. This meticulously designed series features gold jewellery adorned with diamonds and a variety of precious gemstones, highlighting the enduring connection between Bonebakker Jewelers and the historic city of Amsterdam.

Introducing a Timeless Legacy

Marking Bonebakker’s milestone 225th year in 2017, we inaugurated a timeless tradition: the distinguished ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’ series. This exclusive line pays homage to the iconic bridges that define Amsterdam. Offering both locals and global visitors the pleasure of meandering along the city’s picturesque canals and bridges.

The Bridges of Amsterdam collection consists of handmade jewellery, inspired by the design style of these world-famous structures.  premium diamonds, sapphires and tanzanites embody the magical effect of dancing lights on the surface of Amsterdam’s canals.

Earrings with rose cut diamonds

Earrings with rose cut diamonds fit perfectly into a collection of jewellery inspired by the historic bridges of Amsterdam. Not only because the curved shape is reminiscent of the many arched bridges in the city. Historically, the rose cut technique is one of the oldest forms of diamond polishing. The shape is distinguished from other cuts by its flat bottom and numerous triangular facets that converge towards the centre. It gives these earrings a soft, subtle shine, a shine like the lights of the bridges in the Amsterdam canals.

Unique earrings from Amsterdam with a unique story

The ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’ collection presents uniquely handcrafted jewellery, each piece narrating its personal tale. The inaugural ring’s design draws inspiration from the iconic Thorbeckeplein/Reguliersgracht, a vantage point in Amsterdam famed for its panoramic views of the city’s sequential bridges. This location holds historical importance for Bonebakker, marking the spot of its original establishment. Additionally, the collection includes pieces that tribute the Amsterdam School Style, renowned for its unique wrought iron balustrades, expressive masonry, and vivid hues, infusing each piece with a touch of Amsterdam’s rich architectural heritage.

Discover more earrings with rose-cut diamonds at Bonebakker

Would you like to discover more jewellery with rose cut diamonds or get personal advice about our  ‘Amsterdamse Brug’ collection? A selection of this collection can be viewed via our website. For a complete experience and to discover the customization possibilities, wordt u persoonlijk ontvangen door ons team in onze luxe boutique, gevestigd in het  Conservatorium Hotel.