18 karat yellow gold ring with pink tourmaline, Key of Amsterdam Collection


If you have been looking for a ring with passion, a ring with color, then look no further! This fiery  ring from the Bonebakker Key of Amsterdam collection has been waiting for you. Elements from the original keys to the City of Amsterdam, which were made by Adrianus Bonebakker in 1806, were used in the design of this 18 karat yellow gold ring.

In the center is a cabochon-cut oval deep pink rubellite, a variety of tourmaline. Did you know that rubellite is the rarest gem in its gem family? It sometimes is even mistaken for ruby. A royal ring it therefore is, especially with the rail of 0.28 carat brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding it.

Two elements of the original keys of Amsterdam, offered to Napoleon in 1806 and to King William I in 1813 are used in the design of this ring. The center stone is caught between a mirrored stylized key head from the original keys. On top of that, the two small rings you will find  on the shoulders of the ring were also part of the original key design.

This beautiful ring also available with a mysterious moonstone and a milky aquamarine.