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Buccellati uses an array of time-honoured techniques to handcraft this pendant.

Scalloped fan-shaped yellow gold borders inlaid with delicate lace-like yellow gold radial tulle and a yellow gold rosette in the centre, resulting in a ‘ Tulle Raggiera’ floral pattern. It’s one of the jeweller’s signature motifs and is inspired by Italian opera houses. Light will shine through in a similar way as it does through a stained glass window.

This Buccellati opera Tulle pendant comes on a white gold or yellow gold chain. In our collection at the moment we carry the all yellow gold version, please contact us for the white gold chain if you prefer this colour.

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Buccellati Opera Tulle necklace in 18 karat yellow gold

This Opera Tulle necklace carries a deep connection with the impressive history of the Buccellati family. For it was founder Mario Buccellati himself who started designing jewellery that harmoniously merged the elegance of modernity with Renaissance influences.

Buccellati Opera Tulle necklace with fine filigree goldwork

In 1919, Mario Buccellati opened his jewellery shop in Milan. He named the shop after himself and quickly achieved fame with richly decorated jewellery and fine filigree goldwork. It soon became clear that the work of the Italian jeweller was in a class of its own. In the collections of the house of Buccellati design never compete with the art of goldsmithing: they reinforce each other.

For the love of tradition

Even today, the love of tradition – as emphasized by the founder – is still a strong feature of Buccellati jewellery. The signature that made Buccellati’s creations popular still stands. Nowadays, the company is no longer in the family’s hands. However, the family remains closely involved in new Buccellati jewellery, guarding the family tradition of making outstanding jewellery.

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