Boucheron and Bonebakker layered 18 karat pink gold necklaces with rhodolite and chameleon


It takes two to tango. You could just wear the 18 karat pink gold cord necklace with the rhodolite garnet Serpent Bohème pendant by Boucheron, if you like snakes. You could also just wear the single Chameleon pendant with tsavorites, coloured sapphires and black reversely mounted diamonds by Bonebakker, if you like reptiles with feet.

Or you could just combine the two – for a price that will surprise you – and wear them both!

This set of layered necklaces in 18 karat pink gold, will show the beautiful details of both pendants. This is what this set comprises:

-18 karat pink gold twisted chain with 1 round diamond (0.03 cts) by Boucheron – length: 44 cm
-18 karat pink-gold Serpent Bohème pendant by Boucheron, with a pear-shaped rhodolite garnet (1.40 cts)
-18 karat pink-gold necklace by Bonebakker (42-45 cm)
-18 karat pink-gold Chameleon pendant with:
– 0.20 cts of tsavorites
– 0.43 cts of coloured sapphires
– 0.34 cts of reverse mounted black diamonds (spikes)

Benefit from this very special combination offer and order your set today.