Yellow gold ring, pink sapphire, emeralds and diamonds from the Regalia Collection


This contemporary new addition to our Regalia Crown Collection is inspired by the band of the Dutch Royal Crown, crafted in 1840 by Bonebakker. Hammered 18kt yellow gold, diamonds, emeralds, and an oval pink sapphire. Timeless and royal!

Oval sapphire 0.30ct, emeralds total 0.55ct, diamonds total 0.52ct

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Yellow gold ring with pink sapphire

A ring with a pink sapphire that is both contemporary and timeless. The Regalia Crown collection is inspired by the crown of the Netherlands that was made in 1840 by Bonebakker. Made right in the middle of the era when the art movement ‘Romanticism’ was the ruling current, it was also the time when the Netherlands was developing into an industrial society.

Pink sapphires have a timeless beauty

Within the highest circles, hallmarked gemstones were very popular. As were pearls. In addition to sapphires, Bonebakker, therefore, incorporated emeralds and dozens of pearls into the crown. All these beautiful natural treasures have always remained a source of inspiration for our jewellery house. In this pink sapphire ring, the sapphires were given the same shape as the large sapphire in the centre of the crown. No matter how time changes, what remains is that we are constantly fascinated by the timeless beauty, brilliance and colour markings of the world’s most beautiful gemstones.

Made for life stories

Besides this gold ring with pink sapphire, emeralds and multiple fine diamonds, the Regalia Collection offers a lot more. The entire Regalia collection consists of handmade gold jewellery with royal allure suitable for everyday wear. The rings, necklaces and earrings of the Regalia collection are inspired by our rich history and made to recognize your own life story in them. Because of the attention and exclusivity paid to the making of the rings, the collection is particularly suitable for linking them to your own special moments that deserve to make history.

More rings with pink sapphire and other jewellery from the Regalia collection

Timeless inspiration is our middle name. That’s why the Bonebakker Regalia Collection is regularly updated with new designs. The total collection of which this gold ring with sapphire is part consists of more exclusive pieces than we can show online. Bespoke jewellery is also an option for those who want to see their own story reflected in jewellery. We invite you to try on this ring with pink sapphires, or any other piece in the collection. You can also discuss commissioned jewellery at our jewellery shop. We are located at the Conservatorium Hotel.