Bonebakker White gold pendant with blue gems and diamonds


Experience the magic by wearing blue like a summer morning full of promises.

In this white gold pendant with blue gems and diamonds, the brilliance and color markings of blue topaz drop, London Blue topaz and blue sapphire harmonize perfectly with the rich sparkle of diamonds.

There are Made By Bonebakker matching earrings and a matching ring with the pendant.


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Pendant with blue gems and diamonds from the Jewels of Colour collection By Bonebakker

Graceful and delightful

Are you into jewelry that is petite and sophisticated, or do you wear your jewelry in a glamorous and grand way? With this white gold pendant with blue gems and diamonds, you don’t have to choose. She has it all covered. Admire the different shade of topaz and blue sapphire in this 18-karat white gold pendant. The colors range from London blue to light sky-blue and Swiss blue. All these different blue hues give this pendant the sparkling brightness of sunlight on the water. Together with shimmering diamonds, they evoke feelings of excitement like the promise of a new Spring day. The combination of topaz, sapphire and diamonds creates a lot of feel-good vibes. For a good reason, blue topaz and diamonds are stones of happiness, love, and affection.

Pendant with blue gems in a variety of blues

Topaz comes in a wide variety of shades of blue. Combined with its beautiful brilliance, it is easy to see why topaz is the darling of so many jewelry lovers. Topaz is beloved yet exclusive. In this pendant with blue gemstones, different shades of topaz, from transparent to deep blue, are combined with the clarity of white gold and premium diamonds.

Experience more from the Bonebakker Jewels of Colour collection

This 18-karat white gold pendant with blue gemstones and diamonds is part of the Bonebakker Jewels of Colour collection. We love colour gemstones and incorporate them into unique Made By Bonebakker jewelry. Through this website, we introduce you to a small part of our collection. Would you like to experience more of Made By Bonebakker jewelery, or try on some pieces of the international jewelry brands we represent? You are very welcome to contact us or visit our store. It’s also possible to place an order for your own high-end, handmade personal jewelry Made by Bonebakker. We can help you fulfil your jewelry desires. We are located at the in-house Van Baerle Shopping Gallery of the Conservatorium hotel. One of Amsterdam’s most beautiful design hotels.