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PESAVENTO silver choker necklace with rhodium


This modern PESAVENTO choker necklace is made of Sterling Silver 925, and partly covered with the special material ‘Powder of Dreams’.

The elegant and stylish piece of jewelry follows the contours of the neck perfectly. The ‘powder’ with which the jewellery is enriched consists of microparticles of natural material. Rhodium in the color Grigio Perla was chosen for this necklace.

‘Powder of Dreams’ is an exclusive Pesavento discovery and is obtained thanks to nanotechnology. Depending on the material, different colors of dream powder are possible. The brilliant shine is created because the particles have a hexagonal shape, so the light is optimally reflected.

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PESAVENTO necklace sterling silver with rhodium in grigio perla

Are you wishing for a silver Pesavento choker necklace? Looking at the starry sky in Italy in mid-August, you can see hundreds of meteorites. There is a legend that says that catching a shooting star on 10 August makes wishes come true. This legend, plus the novel ‘Stardust’ by Neil Gaiman that Pesavento founder Chiara Carli read, inspired the brand to create jewellery with ‘Powder of dreams’ as a highlight.

The silver Pesavento choker necklace, part of a dream

Together with Chiara’s team, the answer to the dream was found within nanotechnology. This enables the brand to process natural materials such as ceramics and rhodium into ‘fabric’ with a brilliant shine. The secret of the sparkling light is in the hexagonal shape of the particles so that the light can be reflected optimally. This Silver Pesavento choker necklace is now part of that dream and part of a legendary jewelry collection.

Polvere di Sogni collection: dazzlingly innovative

The dream resulted in the Polvere di Sogni collection, which was launched in 2011. Every year the collection is expanded with new jewelry in which the enchanting powder creates sparkling reflections on rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. As with the Pesavento choker necklace made of sterling silver with powder made of rhodium in the color ‘grigio perla’.

Minimalist design, contemporary look

With its minimalist jewellery and contemporary and sleek designs, the brand gives a whole new meaning to the quality mark ‘Made in Italy’. In the country mostly known for its high-quality gold jewellery, Pensavento is as bold as it is innovative. Not only because the brand makes silver jewelry, but also because it always manages to give a new twist to elegance.

Pesvento jewellery at Bonebakker Amsterdam

Touched by the modern style of this Pesavento choker necklace in sterling silver with rhodium in grigio perla? At Bonebakker jewelers we have an extensive collection of Pesavento jewellery to choose from. For a sparkling impression of Pesavento jewellery, you are most welcome at Bonebakker Amsterdam. We are located in the beautiful Conservatorium Hotel.