Rose gold earrings with black diamonds – Reguliersgracht Bridges


Earrings to match the first ring from the ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’ Collection.

These earrings set with 4.23ct rose cut black diamonds are an ode to the famous place in Amsterdam where most bridges can be seen in one single glance. This point can be found at the corner of Thorbeckeplein and Reguliersgracht. This location is also connected to Bonebakker’s history. It is the location where Bonebakker once opened its first shop centuries ago.

On the side of the ring and on the prongs holding the contrasting black diamonds a total of 0.49ct white diamonds is set creating the characteristic illimination of the bridges and its magical reflection on the canals at night.

Take a romantic walk along the canals to see the light-strewn canals and lit-up bridges. When Amsterdam is all dressed up in lights and glittering in winter finery, it truly shines.

This typical Amsterdam inspired earrings comes complete with a Bonebakker presentation box and certificate of authenticity.

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Rose gold Earrings with rose-cut black diamonds inspired by the Reguliersgracht Bridges

These Rose gold earrings with black diamonds have an urban flair with a romantic touch. A look that fits perfectly with the historic Amsterdam bridges, which enchant with a wreath of light at night. When visiting Amsterdam, the corner of Thorbeckeplein and Reguliersgracht is an absolute must-see. It is the location where most of Amsterdam’s famous bridges can be seen at a single glance. This special location also plays an important role in Bonebakker’s history. It is the location where Bonebakker once opened its first shop, centuries ago.

Black and white diamonds for a magical reflection

The rose cut diamonds in the set of rose gold earrings are accompanied by 0.49 carats of white diamonds. The combination reflects the magical reflection in the water of the many lights that illuminate Amsterdam’s bridges at night. This spectacle is most enchanting when you walk along the canals on a winter evening. At that time of year, Amsterdam and its bridges are dressed in an exuberant outfit of countless lights.

The fairylike brilliance of rose-cut diamonds

The choice to bring rose-cut diamonds and the sparkle of white diamonds together in one creation is obviously no accident. Like the contrast between the stone bridges and the brilliance of their reflection in the water, the diamonds have their own dazzling reflection. Diamond rose cutting is one of the oldest diamond-cutting techniques. Rose cutting gives diamonds a more subtle, fairy-like appearance. Not only is rose polish making a comeback, but it is also a silent reference to the Bonebakker history and that of the beautiful Amsterdam bridges.

Rose gold earrings with Amsterdam DNA

Bonebakker is the oldest jeweler in Amsterdam. Our history goes back to 1792. The location that inspired these rose gold earrings from the Bridges of Amsterdam collection is linked to six generations of our Maison’s tradition. Bonebakker Juweliers is now located in the Conservatorium Hotel on Van Baerlestraat.