ALESSANDRA DONA Hoop Earrings Pink rhodolite Pyramids 18 karat Rose gold


ALESSANDRA DONA Hoop Earrings Pink gold with rhodolite pyramids.

18 Karat rose gold hoop earrings from the Friday Night collection by Italian Designer Alessandra Dona. Tiny little pyramides set with rhodolite form a small hoop earring.

Sophisticated and contemporary.

These earrings are in new condition and are accompanied by their original packaging and certificate.

Can also be purchased per piece, please contact us so we can help you with this stunning mono hoop earring.

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ALESSANDRA DONA Hoop Earrings Pink rhodolite Pyramids in 18 karat Rose gold

Alessandra Dona loves rhodolite. These lovely Dona Hoop earrings in pink gold are the best example. Rodolite is a rose-pink to red variant from the garnet group, and its name is derived from the Greek word rhodon, which means rose-like. Most of these gems are found in what is called the ‘Mozambique belt’, including African countries such as Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Inspiration for the pyramids design was found in ancient Egypt. The pyramids refer to life after death, eternity and spiritual awakening. May these pyramids hoop earrings have that effect on you!

Alessandra Dona hoop earrings for every season

The best thing is, you don’t have to wait for these ‘roses’ to bloom, the 18 Karat rose gold hoop earrings are always in full flower! Wear them in the discotheque or any day at the office, and your mood will blossom, too! Just look in the mirror and be amazed! Moreover, the combination of soft pink gold and tender rhodolite in these Friday Night hoops will change anyone’s perspective on life, once you pass by…

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In Amsterdam, Alessandra Dona pearl and gem jewellery is exclusively available at Bonebakker jeweller. View our Alessandra Dona collection online, or visit our shop for a personal rendez-vous with this stylish and trendy brand.