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PESAVENTO Y necklace diamond dust

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The lightness of elegance in a necklace.

Elegance goes beyond trends and beyond age. Elegance is an attitude: the ability to be sophisticated, to surprise and to remain stylish. All these characteristics are reflected in the Pesavento collections.

The brand challenges itself with each collection to find the subtle balance between timeless tradition and the experiment. The surprising lightness of this golden Pesavento Y-necklace with diamond dust brings elegance in its purest form.

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PESAVENTO Y necklace 18 karat golden bar with diamond dust

Pasevento brings modern jewelry in silver, gold with a silver heart, and jewelry made in solid gold. Jewels that sparkle even more thanks to diamond powder. This refined gold Pesavento Y-necklace diamond dust comes from the Basic collection. The Pesavento Basic collection consists of jewelry with a minimalist design, brilliantly designed and beautifully crafted with diamond dust.

With gold jewelry, Pesavento returns to its origins but is more modern thanks to the unique style that Pesavento has developed for itself over the years. With the addition of ‘Diamanti’; Diamond Dust, the elegant and fine lines of the gold jewelry are enriched with a unique sparkle.

Several Pesavento collections are decorated with Diamont Dust. In addition to the Basic collection, the glittering powder also adorns jewelry from the Cocktail collection and the Polvere di Sogni  & DNA collections.

Pesavento necklace with diamond dust

Diamond Dust is a powder with iridescent reflections, composed of diamond particles. The precision cutting with micro hexagons enhances the optical effect of the brilliance with surprisingly clear results. The end product is unique and unmistakable, elegant, pleasant, fun and full of light.

Golden dreams

Pesavento aims to create jewelry of high beauty, with innovative design in which tradition and innovation harmonize. The brand’s style has been contemporary for decades. Founders Chiara Carli and Marino Pesavento argue that the key to Pesavento’s success lies in knowing how to interpret women’s dreams and translate them into iconic jewels. “The design is successful if the jewelry evokes emotions and enchants like a dream”.

Pesavento jeweler Amsterdam

Charmed by the lightness and elegance of this golden Pesavento Y necklace diamond dust? At Bonebakker we present an extensive collection of Pesavento jewellery. Plan a morning or afternoon rendez-vous with this Italian brand and come and see and try on our Pesavento collection! You will find the Bonebakker jeweler’s studio and shop in the beautiful Conservatorium Hotel building in the heart of Amsterdam.