PASQUALE BRUNI 18kt white gold leaf pendant with diamonds


Pasquale Bruni Giardini Segreti 18 karat White Gold Diamond Pendant.

The sensual floral design of Giardini Segreti collection from Pasquale Bruni recreates the power and sophistication of nature. The tender leaves of every jewellery piece mesmerize with asymmetry and elegant finish. This pendant is crafted in 18 karat white gold. It consists of uneven four-petal flower dangling down form a delicate adjustable chain with a maximum length of 43cm.

Generously paved with 0.70 ct diamonds, the exquisite model radiates marvelous glimmering. Simple, yet stylish, the precious pendant is a perfect accompaniment for both everyday look as well as some special occasion image.

Bonebakker is the official Pasquale Bruni dealer in the Netherlands and we can provide the entire Pasquale Bruni collection; please contact us for any jewel in your desired size.