Ole Lynggaard Gipsy earrings chandelier with coral limited edition


Ole Lynggaard Gipsy earrings Chandelier

Festive Ole Lynggaard Gipsy earrings for a dazzling Christmas dinner. With drops in a mesmerizing shade of beige-orange coral, alternated with rutile quartz drops and red coral drops. Shining diamonds to a total of 0.21 crts (TW/VS).

These earrings are a limited edition.

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Introducing the magnificent Gipsy collection, a true embodiment of bohemian style. Created by the talented designer Charlotte Lynggaard, these vibrant earrings are a celebration of the beauty and abundance found in nature. Crafted with a passion for precious gemstones and crafted in lustrous 18K gold, the Gipsy earrings showcase an irresistible palette of colors, inviting you to indulge in a world of captivating hues.