Messika Malachite necklace


Are you looking for a unique diamond jewelry piece that represents you and tells your story? The Lucky Move necklace in malachite and diamond is sure to make you happy!

An ornamental stone that was beloved in Ancient Egypt for its protective virtues, the malachite captivates thanks to its green colour interspersed with lighter and darker shades. Combined with the warmth of the yellow gold and the radiance of the diamonds, the green takes on greater depth to create an enchanting luxury jewelry piece.

The playful medallion rotates endlessly while the sliding chain allows you to change the length of your necklace to suit all necklines.


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Messika Lucky Move Necklace Malachite

The Messika Malachite necklace, as well as all other Messika collections, shines a new light on diamonds. The brand has distinguished itself from the outset by creatively incorporating diamonds into gold jewellery. Valérie Messika wants to convey two things in particular with her designs: femininity and originality.

Diamonds following your rhythm

Valérie Messika, the daughter of diamond merchant André Messika, launched her brand in 2005. By then, the world of diamonds no longer held any secrets for Parisian Valérie. Born from a passion for diamonds, Valérie wants to combine the timelessness of diamonds with modernity. Her mission is to design diamond jewellery that is wearable every day. Jewellery that moves fluidly with life.

From the start, the brand has remained true to her idea that diamonds are the ‘queen among gems’. This in no way means that playfulness is forbidden. Valerie proves this with diamonds that can move ‘loosely and freely’ in the jewellery design. The flowing, moving way of creativity is reflected in all Messika collections.

Messika Necklace green gemstone

In recent decades, Valérie Messika has created a modern French jewellery house and made a name for herself internationally. With her ideas, she has also changed the mindset of lovers of luxury jewellery about wearing diamonds and gemstones. A beautiful example is this Messika Lucky Move Necklace with the green gemstone malachite and diamonds.

Messika Malachite necklace Lucky Move

Valérie Messika designed the Move collection in 2007. The rest is history. Lucky Move jewellery is as young as it is iconic. These jewels celebrate the brand’s pillars: femininity, creativity, guts and innovation, in an exuberant way. Messika follows and moves the rhythm of life of women who want their jewellery to be modern, elegant and luxurious.

More Messika in Amsterdam

Enchanted and fascinated by this Messika necklace with a green malachite gemstone? Messika jewellery is exclusively available at Bonebakker Amsterdam. View a part of our Messika collection online or visit our shop for a personal rendez-vous with this stylish brand and our complete Messika collection.