MESSIKA 18kt Pink gold Turquoise necklace Lucky Move


Your freedom is your most valuable asset. Put it on display! Claim it! And to do so, there’s nothing like the precious Lucky Move talisman decorated with turquoise. Its colour alone is an invitation to travel. A groove in the center holds a diamond in place, which has become a signature of the Messika Jewelry Maison. The azure colour of the turquoise from Central America combined with the shimmering pink gold makes this diamond jewelry piece an extremely radiant necklace for women. You will love its sliding chain, which allows you to adjust it to suit different necklines. With true subtly, the medallion turns on itself and is accentuated by a circle of light that is offset by a myriad of diamonds. Sparkling reflections, radiance and movement create an unmistakably modern jewelry piece.