Flower earrings in tricolor gold by PASQUALE BRUNI


Flower earrings in 18k rose, white and yellow gold with 0.15 carat white and 0.35 carat champagne diamonds.

These ear studs from the Ama collection introduce the new vision of love of the Maison’s creative director Eugenia Bruni. The three golds bring together the yellow of the sun, the white of the water and the pink of the moon.

The Ama Collection matches perfectly with the other collections by Pasquale Bruni, inspired by the beauty of nature.

These earrings come beautifully packaged in its Pasquale Bruni presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

Bonebakker is the official Pasquale Bruni dealer in the Netherlands and we can provide the entire Pasquale Bruni collection; please contact us for any jewel in your desired size.

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Flower earrings in tricolor gold by PASQUALE BRUNI

An irresistible composition of beautiful materials makes these flower earrings in tricolor gold so lively. The age-old bond between women and nature was the inspiration for these floral earrings. To add to the equations, these earrings are made of 18-carat gold in the colours yellow, pink and white gold. Furthermore, their beautiful floral motifs were decorated with sparkling round-cut diamonds, and this delicate sparkle adds a graceful touch to timeless silhouettes.

Flower earrings of sublime class

Refined jewelry by Italian brand Pasquale Bruni is easily recognizable thanks to its exceptional quality. Creative Director Eugenia Bruni mentions ‘love’ as the most significant source of inspiration. However, the great source of beauty that nature offers is harmoniously brought together into jewellery for women of every age. No wonder that the Ama collection, to which these refined flower earrings in tricolour gold and diamonds belong, emphasizes the infinite beauty of flowers.

Great to mix & match

These Flower earrings are refined, timeless and irresistible. The perfectly designed balance between the natural inspiration that Eugenia Bruni likes to put into her designs, plus the clean lines, ensures that these floral earrings can be worn every day. They are also subtle eye-catchers that complete a festive look, thanks to 0.15 carats of white and 0.35 carats of champagne diamonds. Moreover, jewellery from Pasquale Bruni is great to mix & match. No matter how and when you wear them, they are made for women who confidently radiate their unique personality.

Discover the allure of Pasquale Bruni jewellery at Bonebakker Jewelers

Bonebakker Jewelers boasts a heritage tracing back to 1792, proudly standing as the Netherlands’ most esteemed and enduring jewellery establishment. While upholding our own legacy and exclusive jewellery atelier, our collection also contains renowned global brands, including Pasquale Bruni. Therefore, as the authorized retailer of Pasquale Bruni jewellery in Amsterdam a comprehensive range of Pasquale Bruni pieces awaits your exploration at Bonebakker Jewelers. You’re warmly invited to experience our boutique, situated within the opulent ambience of the Conservatorium Hotel.